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     MOMMYTOGRAPHY is a workshop created and taught LIVE and ONLINE by Tracy Jackson of Shots From the HeART Photography, since the summer of 2008. The purpose of this workshop is to empower women to take beautiful images while learning to use their cameras. {You don’t have to be a Mom to take this workshop, just a woman interested in photography, 14 years old and up!}
This workshop is beneficial to anyone who is using a DSLR, a Point & Shoot camera, or even your smart phone to capture lasting images.  We will cover things like composition, seeing the light as well as taking your camera off AUTO and shooting in full Manual Mode.  
Coming Soon- MOMMYTOGRAPHY will be a fully online, at your own pace course. -Coming Soon
Cost $165.00 
Tracy and her family reside in Mobile, Alabama. Live workshops are available!
  • Group rates for live workshops. 
  • Gift certificates are available.
  • Tracy is willing to travel to you and hold a live workshop in your area.


What do Veteran Mommytgraphers have to say?

Mommytography was a wonderful, eye-opening experience for me in my photography journey. I have always been in love with taking pictures, but didn't always know the ins and outs of how my camera actually worked. What I loved most about these workshops is not only did Tracy teach me how to use my camera - she made it very simple and easy to understand. Her courses are extremely thorough and all of the information she taught saved me so much time and money. I have several friends who have taken photography courses and programs who do not know half as much as I do about photography. This shows me how jam packed the Mommytography workshops are with relevant and rich information. I am grateful that a friend recommended these workshops - it gave me the boost I needed to get going and start taking my photography to the professional level! I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to know how to use their camera as well as those who would like to start their journey to professional.
Carlie K.- Germany 

This workshop is great!!!!  Very well put together and easy to understand!  I no longer just point and shoot.  I think about what it is I'm trying to capture and the story I'm trying to tell.  So many qreat ideas as well.  Love the idea of the chair!  Fantastic.  I highly recommend any of Tracy's workshops. You won't be disappointed!
Rashelle C.-WA

"Since Tracy and her family moved away from Ohio, I have searched for a new photographer. Needless to say, I was not successful in finding one who even slightly compared. With Tracy there was never a doubt that our photographs would be anything less than picture perfect! There is a story within every shoot that she does. From our maternity shoot with Ethan, to our family sitting with all six children every time we look at our ""Storybooks"" we continue to smile at all the smiles.

Now that I have been fortunate enough to take her workshops, I am sure I will continue to take them. The ease of her lessons were by far, very impressive. They do not compare to the many classes I have taken at the community college or the tech. schools. 
I thank Tracy for sharing her God given talents with all of us Mommytographers."
Lisa W- OH
"In October 2009, I took an online digital photography class through the college I am attending. This class sparked something inside of me but I still struggled with understanding the terms and settings. I bought a DSLR camera but was still shooting on full auto. A couple of months ago, I stumbled onto Tracy's Mommytography website and I knew this is what I was looking for. The class was exactly what I needed and Tracy explained things in a way that just made sense. I love having assignments that I can complete at my own pace. The curriculum expands upon the class and helps clarify things I heard online. Mommytography is a great beginners class. Thank you Tacy for making this is easy to learn! From full auto to loving manual!"
Angie P - MO

"If you’re looking to buy a DSLR or want to move from shooting in Auto on your DSLR, take the Mommytography 101 workshop.  It helps you learn the terminology of photography so that you can move away from shooting in auto.  Another good thing about the class is that Tracy basically forces you to read your manual, your camera’s best friend, so you know where to go to change all the settings of your camera.
If you want “hands-on”, real life scenarios, try to attend one of the Meet & Shoots.  I think this is where I learned the most about how to use my camera and when to use certain settings.  I’m hoping I can attend more soon.  Plus it’s fun to meet and hang out with other Mommytographers.
After you perfect your photography skills and want to make your photos stand out a little more, then you should take the Mommytography 201 workshop.  I was already familiar with Photoshop, but I just didn’t have a clue where to start when it came to editing my photos. 
After doing all of these, I feel more confident in taking pictures of my children.  Friends are even asking me to take photos of their children.  Also, I know that Tracy will always be there to answer my questions or to help me out with editing when I don’t think I can do it."
Candi L-LA 

"Mommytography Online Workshops - Tracy's online workshops have taken me from "just" a Mom with a camera to a woman that knows what she is doing {for the most part LOL}. When I take a picture I just don't aim my camera and shoot. I think about what I'm wanting from the shot and how I can get that. What do I want it to be framed by, what story do I want to come out of the shot? Does the picture capture the person I'm taking it of or the beauty God has created?

The workshops have also taught me to get off of "Auto" and *gasp* off of "P". I now mostly shot in Manual unless my camera is being moody or I can't figure out the lighting. I have more to think about when I'm in Manual but now that I've been shooting in it for awhile it's weird to have the camera make selections for me in other modes. It really isn't that hard... you should try it!

I've also learned how to use Photoshop through her Mommytography 201 Workshops to help those pictures that just don't meet the mark. I have to say, for my first year I used only GIMP to edit my shots. Now it's not a bad program, but it's not very user friendly. When I made the switch to Photoshop I was amazed at what I could do. Not only could I fix mistakes in my pictures but I could transform them with fun actions! Tracy does such a great job of explaining the program slowly and making sure you REALLY understand what she is doing.

I think one thing that most people don't get, about taking the workshops is this: Tracy. You have no idea how helpful she is. You can email her questions and she will respond and give you the best help she can. She will look at your edits and tell you what she sees or even walk you through an edit so YOU can know how to do it. I've only had the experience of two other photographers besides Tracy (when she lived close she took my children's pictures). Neither of the other two were as friendly and open to answer questions encouraging ME to be like them. But Tracy wants to share what she has learned so, I can become a Photographer in my own right!"

Meet and Shoots: If you EVER have the chance to go on a meet and shoot with Tracy you must jump at it. In these few hours you will not only have loads of fun with other woman, get strange looks from the people in the town, but you will get to work side by side with other Moms learning how to take better shots. You may not all have the same camera but you will glean from each other so much, like how to take a shot, thinking outside the box, or what settings everyone else is using. Tracy will also be right there to push you to try a little harder, to take the shot at a different angle, or to take pictures of things you just wouldn't normally notice. It is the workshop in action - using the techniques she taught you and getting the great shots! I've been lucky enough to go on two meet and shoots with Tracy. They not only helped me learn to get out of my comfort zone but they were so much FUN!
Kristal D.- OH 

"Mommytography Workshops and Tracy’s expertise have been instrumental in my new found joy of photography. Tracy has helped me to learn more about my camera and how to take great pictures. Through her class I learned more about the “details” of photography and how to take good pictures. I learned that it is more than just pointing the camera and clicking. This class also taught me “why” I should take lots of pictures and that it is OK to use the delete button. I look forward to learning more and taking lots of great pictures to enjoy."
Beth S.- AK 


"Tracy's workshop was excellent! I learned all that I wanted to learn and more. Tracy taught thoroughly about our cameras, how they work, and how to use them effectively. I learned all about lighting and how to use my flash,which was very important to me! She showed us several tricks to use to get rid of shadows in the face, how to balance the lighting on the subject, and how to do these things affordably. I feel much more confident with my camera. Thanks, Tracy! for your time and talent that you've shared with us for all of the resources you've provided and for not holding back in helping us to be successful photographers".
Tonja R - LA 

"What an absolutely wonderful workshop to take. It was well worth the time and money involved. I learned so much information that is helpful in the everyday taking of pictures. Tracy was so well prepared and so very easy to follow. She explained very well all the new information I was learning. I look forward to taking more classes from her in the future and learning all I can about photography. Although it is not my goal to be a professional photographer by any means, I am excited to use her knowledge in helping me to better my ability to capture my children."
Jenn W -LA 

"I highly recommend Tracy 's Mommytography Workshop to ALL Moms and Moms-to-be! It was a fun and relaxing workshop. Tracy was very knowledgeable and her curriculum was thorough. She is an outstanding teacher and a great encourager. I came home from the workshop pumped and ready to practice what I had just learned. She taught us many things such as focus, lighting and even the proper way to hold the camera, just to name a few. I find myself enjoying taking pictures more now and trying new and creative ways that I would have never thought of before attending the workshop. Thanks Tracy for sharing your knowledge and experience with us."
Taryn A -TX 

"I loved the Mommytography Workshop. It opened my eyes to a new level of picture taking. I like having the printable curriculum also. It allows me to spend more time studying the things that I did not know anything about. Thanks!"
Michelle M -LA

"Being in Tracy's photography workshop was both fun and educational. She really knows her stuff! (The photos she took of our family were terrific too!) She was able to explain things in a way that even a novice like myself could understand. Because of her class, I am excited and more confident in taking pictures of my family, as well as other things around me. Her tips have helped make me more aware of what I am taking and to really look at what I have taken. I would encourage anyone who takes pictures to take her class. You will walk away with a wealth of knowledge."
Cathy B -OH

"I miss the Mommytography Workshops!!! This was a camera fun Christmas. We bought lots of goodies that you suggested in our class here in OH."
Peggy F -OH